We believe a dog’s best life is lived outdoors, so we help pups and their people joyfully explore and connect through nature.

Hiking Service

Our unique off-leash hiking service provides a more active adventurous alternative to traditional dog walking. The trips give your pup the freedom to be her true self; to explore, play and travel in a pack as dog intended.

We currently serve all of Cambridge, and part of Boston and Brookline.


Naturally capturing your pup and all her personality, our lifestyle photography sessions are held at your pup’s favorite local spot. We play and explore, creating memories and beautiful images, to celebrate the pups that touch our hearts and enrich our lives.

Private sessions are available to pups throughout the Boston area.

Sustainable Gear

We love getting outside with our pups and there are essentials we need to bring along. So we decided to create a product line to make our walks more freeing and enjoyable. Our products are also made sustainably in the USA to be as eco-friendly as possible while supporting fair wages and humanatarian manufacturing.



Our clients are always asking us where they can go to enjoy exploring nature with their pups, whether it’s for a quick swim on a hot day or a long hike on  day off. And because everthing is better when shared, we created a facebook community page to help like-minded pup parents meet, find new places to explore, tips for sucessful outings, and to support expanded off-leash dog friendly options.