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our hiking service's most frequently asked questions
What areas do you service?

Our hiking service is currently available for pups in Cambridge, the Back Bay, the South End and eastern Brookline

Where do you hike?

We currently hold all our hikes in the town of Weston.  They have many wonderful areas of conservation land for our hiking adventures and are the closest community that legally allows off-leash dogs.

What days of the week do you hike?

We offer two hikes per day Monday through Friday.  Our morning group is picked up between 9-10 and dropped off 12-1:30.  Our afternoon group is picked up 12-1:30 and dropped off between 3-5.

How long will my dog be out?

Each hike lasts between an hour to an hour and a half in the woods plus driving time to and from your home.  Total time out of the house averages 2.5-3 hours.

What does a full day schedule look like?

This entirely depends on you and your pup’s needs.  We have no minimum requirement and welcome pups whether they want to come hike just once a week or every day.

How many dogs are in each group?

Our groups consist of five dogs per walker so they are always small and each dog can get the attention they deserve.

Do I need to be home when my dog is picked up?

No, in fact, most of our clients are busy at work while we are out with their pups.  We are fully bonded and insured to you never have to worry about your home or property.

How do you transport the dogs?

We all drive safe, reliable, dog-friendly SUV’s to ensure your pup has a comfortable ride to and from the fun.

How do you screen the dogs for the groups?

We always do an in-home meet and greet with you and your pup prior to coming out for a hike.  When you’ve worked with pups as long as we have, you can learn a lot about a pup just meeting them.  During our meet and greet we go over basic questions to get a full picture of who your dog is and how they will mesh with the groups.

What do you do in bad weather?

We understand you have to go to work and leave your pups behind regardless of the weather so we always go on our adventures as long as it is safe to do so.  Most of our pups don’t mind a little rain or snow and the woods provide us with some shelter.  In the case of extreme weather (thunderstorms, extrememe heat or cold, snow storms, etc.) we may shorten or cancel our hikes if we find the conditions to be unsafe.

How many hikes per week should my dog come out?

This entirely depends on you and your pup’s needs.  We have no minimum requirement and welcome pups who want to come once a week or every day.

What are the age requirements?

We can start pups as young as three months old as long as they have had their shots to ensure they are protected. At this age they are generally eager to please and easy to train and we are happy to help them grow and develop into the amazing pups they are.

Does my dog need to be trained?

No pup is perfect and we don’t expect that of them!  But, for safety, your dog should already have some off-leash experience and recall work as well as some basic training prior to joining our gang. Our hike structure helps build and reinforce strong recall skills in all our pups.

My dog isn't good off leash, can they still hike?

Unfortunately no, we cannot take dogs who must regularly stay on leash.  There are times while managing a pack of dogs when we need both our hands to be free so do need our pups to be able to hike off the lead.

Do you take un-neutered males?

With the exception of puppies, we do not take intact males on our hikes. We have found this can cause problems within the pack as well as with dogs we come across so it is our policy to hike with neutered males only.