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Helping pups live their best lives since 2006

Helping pups live their best lives since 2006

Helping pups live their best lives since 2006Helping pups live their best lives since 2006

Our Philosophy

Live your best life

We truly want to help you and your dog live your best life. 

We can brighten your pup's weekday bringing them on our daily adventures so you can come home to a peaceful house and happy dog after a long day of work. 

We use positive reinforcement on our hikes to give your pup the best possible experience. Our training services can teach you how to better connect and communicate with your pup to build a bond of love and trust.

Our photography captures that bond and your dog's love for life.

And our blog and social media can show you a new hiking spot, day trip idea, new ways to enrich your dog, the latest in health and wellness, and how you can use food to keep your pup feeling their best. 

Where it began

How a dingo started it all


It was a warm day for February in New England when Penzi and I set out on our first hike. The air was still chilled but the sun was shining and the snow had melted. We started on the trail, Penzi straining and bounding at the end of her leash. She began whining in excited anticipation at the sight of other dogs playing, desperate to be free to join them. Armed with a pocket full of treats and a faith in this little ginger pup, I let her free and for the first time saw her truly come to life.

My fire cracker of a pup sprinted up and down the hillside, crunching the dry leaves left over from the fall. We explored the trails finding giant rocks to climb and launch off of, streams slowly tricking by, fields to frolic through, and hills leading to spectacular views. We met other pups and their people and before long Penzi had best friends Cooper the Jack Russell who wrested and chased with her for hours on end and Puma the Yellow Lab who taught Penzi the joys of a tennis ball and a good swim. 

Moving free together became our natural state of being and the time we were sharing in nature kept me grounded as I contemplated what direction my life should take. I had come to adore this wild pup and was committed to giving Penzi her best life. Working for a dog walking company at the time, I kept thinking all the ways I wanted to improve the service, to bring that peace and fulfillment Penzi and I found on the trails and provide a fantastic experience for the pups. A few friends supported my vision, signed up to be my first clients, and before I knew it the adventure that is A Dog’s Life had begun.

After twelve years of growth and adventure, hundreds of happy pups fulfilled, and over ten thousand hours of exploration, our reason for being still holds true. We believe a dog’s best life is lived outside, so we help pups and their people joyfully explore and find peace through nature.

Happy Hiking!

Kelly & the A Dog's Life Team