Hikes are on hold due to COVID-19 but we will be back as soon as it is safe. Be well!

Helping pups live their best lives since 2006

Helping pups live their best lives since 2006

Helping pups live their best lives since 2006Helping pups live their best lives since 2006

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


Do you go out year round?

Yes! As long as the conditions outside are safe, we will be out there enjoying it. We will modify trips as needed for safety in the case of high temperatures or heavy downpours and will only cancel for extreme weather like heavy snow or ice

How young can my dog start?

We can start bringing puppies on hikes as early as 3 months old once they've had their shots. On our hikes the pups have the freedom to go at their own pace. Puppies are great learners and are easy to train off leash at that age. We also do our best to match the speed and personalities of the dogs in each group so everyone has a good time.

Where do you hike?

We currently hike in Weston. MA. They are the closest spot to the city that legally allows groups of off leash dog. They require a commercial dog walking permit and have a number of beautiful parks for all our hiking needs.

How many dogs are in a group?

Weston has a strict 5 dog per person limit so that is the largest our groups are.

Will my dog come home dirty?

We are romping around in nature so there is a certain amount of dirt that is unavoidable. Plus some dogs can't help but seek out mud. Thankfully there is clean water at our hiking locations to rinse off the dirty dogs and we all keep grooming wipes and a comb  in our vehicles to use as needed. Upon return we will give your pup a good toweling off

My dog doesn't have much experience, can she still hike?

Yes! Every new client starts with an in-home meet and greet where we can go over what your dog does know and can decide together if the group hike is the right fit. We also offer training hikes and can teach your pup all the skills she needs to join the group hike.